How to Work with a Recruiter

Here are a few simple guidelines for working with Principal Resource Group:

  1. Work with a recruiter you trust.
    Treat us like a member of your own staff. We work for you. We are committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity, and performance. We, in turn, like to work with companies with the same high standards.
  2. Give us complete information.
    We will need information about the position, supervisor and company to qualify candidates. Information to sell your company to a candidate is equally important. The more information we have, the better chance we have to quickly identify and interest the best candidates. Sharing this information up front will free you from reviewing inappropriate candidates.
  3. Make decisions quickly.
    Staffing decisions are a business priority. Candidates begin to worry and may quickly lose interest and excitement about your opportunity if they don't hear about the results of an interview in a short time.
  4. Take/return our phone calls.
    Keep us in the loop. Position requirements often change and we must know when they do. Even if you think we won't like a decision, please communicate with us. We need to know what and why something is happening if we are to maintain our commitment to you.